Are you stuck cutting hair just one way?

==>  Have you only had one mentor

==>  Do you want to learn how to be more creative and expressive with your skills?


Does curly hair scare you? When a client is in your chair and she is blessed with really thick and unruly hair, do you feel a ping of hesitation and secretly wish you could just refer her to another stylists?

You want more than what you’ve learned in hairdressing school and at haircutting classes.  The problem is you were hoping to learn and be mentored from the best in your salon, but the truth is, you are competition.  Is it possible that your mentor is a little fearful of losing their clients to better talent in the neighboring chair?


For this reason we have created more that the average haircutting classes.  If you are ready to master haircutting then register now for your Haircutting Secrets and Advanced Techniques.

This is an exclusive Dee Sarwan offer.  This training is designed to get you the greatest amount of value in a short period of time with actionable take-a-ways.

Release your creativity!  It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.  It’s time for you to take massive action and empower yourself to learn new haircutting skills that will jump start your career.   Its fun, and for you effortless!  Do not be dependent on others for your success as a recognized hair expert in your field.  These new found skills will leave your clients wanting more.  Dream It! Design It! Share It!

Don’t you agree there is nothing that compliments a fantastic color like the perfect haircut?  How would you like to have the secret sauce to the perfect style every time?   Every person who was referred to you and came running in will leave floating out with joy and excitement.  Being recognized as the miracle hairstylist means you no longer have to pay for advertising; you have the best medium “word of mouth”.  It is eight times cheaper to keep an existing client than to get a new client; so be a shrewd business owner even if you don’t own the salon, you’re still the owner of your own actions and success.  Learn how to make more in less time and with 100% confidence.

In this one day intensive training your will learn:

  • Top 3 methods to deal with thick & unruly hair
  • Cutting techniques for super curly hair
  • The perfect consultation that will win over your clients every time and keep them coming back!
  • Tips for texturizing coarse, unruly hair to ensure low maintenance for the client
  • How to cut volume into thin, flat hair
  • How to “marry” the haircut to the hair color
  • How to cut the perfect Bob including Graduation and Asymetric variations
  • How to perfect your scissors over comb technique to create exceptional mens styles
  • How to create awesome layers
  • How to master the art of the perfect side swept bangs

Dare to create masterpieces that are Distinct, Effortless, and Expressive!


Our Guarantee

When you train with us; we promise to impart upon you success strategies, operating principles and transferable technical skills that will allow you to increase your market value, grow you business and experience a rewarding career.  Our policy is pay and play.  No refunds are issued before the start of the program, however should you attend the session and for any reason you do not feel you got great value, simple request a refund; less 30% administration fee.

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