How is Social Shopping Affecting the Beauty Industry?

Who is the expert anyway?   Do you even know the source of the information that you’re getting from on-line sources?  Every household has at least one individual who is the “master consult Google” person.

This is a good thing, because the consumer is more aware of the latest trends, styles and tools to help them look there personal best.  This does not necessarily mean they can be their own stylist when it comes to visiting the hair salon.  Yet when they are getting compliments; guess who is getting the referrals!

What professionals need to do to keep clients coming back?

Successful hairdressers are those who see themselves as leaders, who love to create and live with purpose in service of others for the highest good of all.  In this era of social shopping and social servicing; it is ever most critical to ensure your client tribe is taken care of; in a complete yet holistic manner.  It’s no longer about being competitive; it’s about being collaborative with your peers.  It’s no longer an environment of the boss and the staff, the boss is now a team leader!   After all, Teamwork makes the Dream work!

A team will always accomplish more than an individual.  However choose your circle of friends carefully.  Choose a teacher, mentor or leader who has what you want.  A creative mind is never out of ideas.  Dream it!  Create it!  Share it!  The more you create and share the easier it becomes to generate new ideas.  When you approach your life’s work from a creative platform, there will be no competition.

Hairdressers are blessed with creative minds which draws from the universe that has no boundaries!

 To stay ahead of the masses, team leaders are required to foster an engaging environment that keeps the communication open with the clients long after they’ve left the service location.  Service providers must continue to provide service in other more effective ways than just the act of cutting and coloring hair.  Most leaders will tell you that attitude will take precedent over skill.

It is conceivable to train someone on technical skills however it is a substantially greater task to change someone’s attitude.  Furthermore, you cannot change anyone else’s attitude you can only coach and hope they would want to embrace the change to allow them self to grow mentally and spiritually in accordance with the laws of nature.

A Leaders’ primary responsibility is to foster an environment to encourage and nurture others to become leaders in their own right.  Taking responsibility for their actions and bearing the consequences.  Leaders are conducting themselves in a manner that’s for the greater good of everyone.  When you live your life from this place of calm; you develop a pipeline for goodness to flow to you effortlessly.  As a result, your “way of life” transforms to stay connected to this pipeline instead of living in fear, with a limiting mentally always looking for a life line.  Leading in this manner will generate higher profits, get more clients coming through the door and foster a winning team.

Each day you stand behind your chair; be proud of your work!  Treat each person with the utmost care and give them your best effort.

Find your purpose for this industry, what is it that you would like to do for yourself and those around you?  When you know what you need to achieve and you apply your passion for what you do, your performance will soar.

Be proud to be a hairdresser!  Here is what Vidal Sassoon had to say “hairdressers are a wonderful breed, you work one-on-one with another human being and the object is to make them feel so much better and to look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye”.

Do You Affect or Infect?

As a hairdresser you have the ability to change people lives, affect them instead of infect them.  Be a diligent gate keeper of your thoughts!  Ever heard the expression, Careful what you wish for, cause you will get it?  You and you alone create your life’s success pathway.  Some people will say you create your happiness yet happiness is a feeling, it’s a shift in your energy deep within; you experience happiness, it’s not created.  Let your joy for what you do be contagious to others!

Guiding your Creative Mind to Greater Success!

Dee Sarwan