How To Succeed With A Personal Service Business – Person To Person

Have you noticed that the days seem to be getting shorter and your “To-Do” list seems to be getting longer? You are not alone. This is a common conversation from busy clients; they are focused on maximizing productivity in any environment. With widespread accessibility of wifi; internet access provides an opportunity to work anywhere, anytime. Is this a good thing? Yes, we can get a lot more done. The downside is that the personal interaction is quickly being diminished from our surroundings and society as heads are bent with intense concentration into the online world.

For the service enterprises, especially personal services – how do you stay engaged and provide a memorable, relaxing experience amidst the constant buzz, ringing and vibration from the mobile devices? As more and more people are joining the ranks of entrepreneurship; they are realizing that the boundaries of work and personal life are greying. It’s not an “either or” situation for this group of people. Entrepreneurs, particularly solopreneurs, are having to learn new skills quickly and develop a different mindset to manage and balance business with personal life. What does this mean for you if your business provides a personal service?

For example, I recently visited car dealership to have some routine maintenance done. I decided to decline the courtesy ride; took up seating in the courtesy lounge to work. I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only did they provide complimentary coffee and tea; there was a bowl full of fresh fruits. This dealership realize that most people are going to be in the lounge for more than an hour on average depending on the service that was being performed on their vehicle. There was a vending machine stocked with snack items; yet they provided complimentary fruits along with warm drinks.

In my observation, clients who are business owners are no longer striving to be perfect; they are shifting their expectations to being prepared. Personal service businesses like salons and spas, massage centers, and other personal touch sectors like real estate, coaching and training; must look for ways to provide a service experience that wows the client inspite of the constant distractions with mobile devices. Understanding this methodology where businesses are continuing to deal with clients as a person; not just a client; will thrive with the benefits of referrals. Only when a client experiences the “wow” factor will they recommend you. Clients make recommendations based on the people they’ve dealt with and how those people make them feel.

Asking for a recommendation is becoming socially acceptable, therefore you must engage completely in a respectful and professional manner when dealing with clients. Clients who are wowed beyond their expectations will transmit their experience in an inviting manner with high energy. Don’t you agree, this is more valuable than paid advertising? Conduct yourself and your business “person to person”; people like dealing with people not businesses. Seek to inject the human experience into every interaction and your business will blossom. Even though the business landscape is changing from corporations to solo operations; the human landscape had not changed. Successful businesses are those who understand the human interaction. They prioritize their approach to deliver a superb human experience to the customer.   Remember people deal with people and the only thing they can talk about is their experience.


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