Hairdressing Refresher Series …

is  a Personal Mentoring Program for those who want to upgrade their skill level or beginners who wants a mentor every step of the way.


==>Are you ready to experience four weeks to greatness?

==>Do you want to quickly boost your TECHNICAL and BUSINESS skills so you can make more money?

Are you one of the many talented hairdresssers who work extremely hard everyday to keep your business afloat?  You will get what you always got, if you keep doing what you always did.  Make the shift now!   You must become the best if you are to grow in this competitive industry.  Take time to hone your skills to perfection.

This refresher course is the vehicle to quickly boost your Technical and Business skills.  It’s designed to deliver the latest techniques in haircutting, hair coloring, styling and profitable business management. Each Unit is independently designed; so you can focus on one specific area to develop expertise which will shorten your service time and allow you to demand more for your higher level of training.

Focus is on:

==>  Intense hands-on training in 10 subject areas

==>  Advanced Cutting Techniques

==>  No Cost or Low Cost Marketing Strategies

==>  Mastering Foils and Color Techniques

==>  Stylng and Upstying for results

==>  Business Management to lower operating costs and grow profits

What you will learn:

• A practical approach to managing your business and your clients.

• In-depth understanding of the little details to get a professional edge and style.

• 3 Most Common Reasons Why your color service does not look exceptional.

• What you can do to eliminate. unwanted “orange” and “dull” tones leaving your color shinny and long lasting.

• Learn how to use blow dry and flat ironing techniques which creates stunning styles.

• How to upsell to each and every client, services and retail products.

• The perfect consultation that will win over your clients every time and keep them coming back!

• Tips for texturizing coarse, unruly hair to ensure low maintenance for the client

• How to cut volume into thin, flat hair

• How to “marry” the haircut to the hair color

• Understanding this fundamental principle is the key to getting the result you want, all the time every time.

• Learn 7 Powerful highlighting patterns that uses 9-24 pieces of foils. Make more money in shorter service time for each client and get accurate results.

• Get a thorough understanding of the principles of color, regardless of the brand of color you are using.

• Learn how to decode existing color to create the desired shade.

• The one element in your tool chest that could separate you from the rest, so that your clients are 100% satisfied all the time, every time!

• Build confidence working with shapes and patterns in the hair to get impactful results.


Who should attend this Hairdressing Refresher Course?

1. Hair Industry Professionals who have not had the opportunity to attend regular training

2. Hairdressing Training Course Graduates who are new to the industry and want to enhance their learning

3. Salon Owners and Managers who want to upgrade their skills an learn new techniques

4. Independent Stylists who are renting a chair in the salon and responsible for growing their own clientele

5. Independent Stylists who are working in a home based business

6. Hairstylists who are new to Ontario from other countries and want to learn advanced techniques



Unit 1: Cutting Layers of Awesomeness!

Layers provide movement, are well blended and provide ease of manageability for the person. How do you know when to put layers inside the haircut and when to layer throughout versus layering the back only? Understanding the various ways to add layers to a haircut will enhance the look and allow the client to easily style their hair, showcasing your talent and expertise.

This session is designed to provide you with the necessary fundamentals and tips and tricks to help you accelerate your techniques and cutting styles (Long Layers, Short Layers, Square Layers).



Unit 2: Salon Profits and Success Principles  Are you struggling to Grow Your Business? It’s time to learn street smart business marketing and business building ideas to accelerate your business and get more profits all the time, every time?

Unit 3:  Mastering Color Techniques – the art of coloring!  How would you like to have the confidence to approach each hair coloring service with 100% certainty?  Don’t you agree, the art of foiling and color placements are critical components to successful coloring?  Learn 7 Powerful highlighting patterns that uses 9-24 pieces of foils.  By using these techniues, you will make more money in shorter service time for each client and get accurate results.

Unit 4: Bangs To The Side Or Bangs Straight Up  Would you agree that bangs can be the icing to an already great haircut? Don’t you feel proud with pride and joy when the clients breaks out into a huge smile, hands over face and says “OMG I look so different!”? Yes! It’s the greatest feeling as a hairdresser to know you’ve just transformed the person in your chair and you’ve been able to inspire them to put a little extra bounce in their step. Conversely, there are those particular face shapes that requires the consultation of a professional to determine the best type, style and length of bangs that will enhance facial features without too much effort. What do you do when the super curly hair person asks you to cut full bangs?

Unit 5: Essential Color Principles Do you wish you could go back to hair school just to get the basics? What was it again, yes the color Wheel! This unit is designed to give you an in depth understanding of color fundamentals as it relates to the color wheel. This session is perfect for anyone wishing to refresh their knowledge of basic color principles.

IMG_0275DSC01560IMG_1261 IMG_1393ecp1Dimensional Blonding

Dimensional Blonding

Unit 6: Style Finishing Blow-drying & Hot Tools Styling: Do you want to learn the secret to getting the swooping bangs? Do you find it a daunting task to style long hair? Learn techniques and tips to get great red carpet waves!

Unit 7: Up-Styling Wouldn’t you like to know the secrets to creating head turning styles that’s sure to impress; and lasts all day without creating discomfort? This workshop is designed to provide hands on training to create simple yet impactful styles. Up-styling is an art and a science! Learn how to use foundational principles to create magnificent styles and get loads of referrals.

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Unit 8: All about Bobs  Are you struggling with the “Bob” cut. Do you find yourself wishing you could go back to school for just a little while to get a refresher on the basics? This class is designed to provide you with the necessary fundamentals and tips and tricks to help you accelerate your techniques and cutting styles.  You will learn how to create the perfect bob haircut. Learn the secrets to effortlessly design this classic style; and how to expertly transition it into variations to keep your clients stylish and trendy.


Unit 9: Men Trends:Perfect your scissors over comb technique and craft elegant, yet appropriate styles for your male clientele.  Get the latest tips and trends for this emerging segment.  What’s the secret to getting even sideburns, and what  do you do with an uneven hairline?


Unit 10: Social Media and On-Line Presence:  This unit is specifically designed for the beauty industry.  You will learn where to post, how to post and what to post on social media sites.  Learn what you can do in 10 mins daily to generate a steady stream of clients and a substantial increase to your bottom line!  Get expert advice and guidance on creating impactful web pages and what you must do to keep it current.

This entire program cost $1997 and participants are to provide working tools.

Our Guarantee

When you train with us; we promise to impart upon you success strategies, operating principles and transferable technical skills that will allow you to increase your market value, grow you business and experience a rewarding career.  Our policy is pay and play.  No refunds are issued before the start of the program, however should you attend the session and for any reason you do not feel you got great value, simple request a refund; less 30% administration fee.