How To Eliminate Complacency In Your Business

Complacency creeps in and is fully displayed in moments of despair.  Salon owners and other beauty professionals who are not fully engaged in the day-to-day operations of their business will eventually become complacent in the level of service they offer.

The biggest problem I see in the beauty industry is that some hairdressers do not conduct their business with an exceptionally high service level.  They take for granted that the client will always come back.  You know that’s not always true.

Most of the owners and operators who are struggling financially, do not give outstanding service, or they may have the right intentions but lack the technical skills to wow their clients. Yet, they continue doing the same things they’ve always done, which means they get the same results they always got; and are therefore meagerly rewarded for their efforts.

To earn more, you must do more and be more.  Here are three powerful strategies to eliminate complacency:

  1. Take ownership for the decisions, actions and results.  Stay in the moment by being present;  this will enhance the client experience you will earn the respect  as a person who accepts responsibility for their decisions.
  2. Practice leading by example.  Every client deserves one hundred percent of your attention and the highest level of service whether it’s their first or twenty first visit.  Most hairdressers take for granted that repeat customers will always come back; this so not true.  Customers come back when they consistently feel “special”.   They enjoy the extra care and personal attention.  Those are the things they tell the people in their circle of influence and before recommending your service.
  3. Raise your skill level continuously.  Clients are very excited and wants you to succeed when they know you are participating in continuous learning.  Stay engaged in trade shows, business and technical courses, demonstrations and festivals.  When you are confident in your own business management and technical skills; you can charge a premium for your service.

Focus on customer service and always deliver at an exceptionally high level to grow your business and retain your current customer base.  Happy customers will pay in one of three ways; through information – teach them what to do at home to replicate the look; secondly they will take action to recommend your services to everyone and thirdly they will pay monetarily for your service because you were able to “wow” them.

When you take the time to “wow” each client, you will always be open for business instead of hoping for business.


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