How Do You Determine The Value Of A Coach?

The biggest challenge I see in the hair industry is that small business owners bury themselves in their own mental bondage.  I’m not smart enough; I don’t make enough money; my business is not located in a rich neighborhood.  Any of these sound familiar?

Would you be interested in learning how to unwrap this bondage mentality, to reveal the spectrum of possibilities?  How do you develop the ability to see outside the box and be your own champion, without a huge budget?   Majority of business owners tend to be wary of spending extra money on things like marketing, because they know they can’t outspend the huge chains.

It’s the time of year when sales should be at the highest peak and yet so many businesses are seeing empty chairs.  This past year, I’ve been in several salon locations between Ontario and the Maritimes; the story is very similar – salons are struggling to upsell any retail products to the clients who are coming in and they’re having a difficult time attracting new clients.

Why might it be in the best interest of some small business owners to hire a coach to help them find new markets and boost efficiency and productivity during the holidays (and beyond)?  

Most people will fail at their new year’s resolution; because they lose momentum very quickly and they do not have a support network to collaborate with, to share ideas and get guidance.

Having a coach is a huge bonus, to help entrepreneurs prepare their budgets for the rigors of the holidays and the coming year.  Other valuable areas may include:

  •          hiring the right team
  •          inventory control
  •          service expansion
  •          automation software for checkout
  •          website redesign
  •          email marketing
  •          business and technical skill building

How can business owners use the profits from their holiday sales most efficiently?  Should they save the money for a future downturn?  Or should they reinvest the profits in expanding their business?  And if holiday revenue isn’t enough, entrepreneurs may want to look to lenders like Kabbage, whose  short term business loans can help cover the extra expenses of expansion or coaching.  Kabbage also has some terrific informational resources (including blog posts and over 100 free small business guides) on our own website that go far beyond redefining financing.

Make an informed decision.   You must look beyond your comfort zone and plan for a sustainable future.  It is time to stretch yourself to reach success.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, mompreneur, or a small business of any kind, you must have structure, principles by which you operate and a vision for your success.  Know what you want and set clear intentions to accomplish it!

Are you seeing the value in having a coach to reach out to?  To validate your ideas and cheer you on?  To encourage you to open up a pipeline for your business instead of always searching for a lifeline?

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