==>  Do you have a Strategic Plan for your business?

==>  Have you identified your Objectives? 

==>  What about reducing your operating cost?  


The problem with most salon/spa owners and other beauty professionals is that they are great artists and forget to focus on the business! Worst yet, hair salon artists work too many hours and are rarely rewarded enough for their efforts. Having a success salon/spa business is more than what you learned in hair design school.  These trainings at best teaches you to be creative; successful business management requires more than creativity.  Ask yourself, how is it that the big corporations like the banks and other financial institutions are always declaring a profit?  To be in business, is to profit from your operations, yet many, many hair salon professionals are struggling because the costs of supplies are increasing and you feel like you have to keep giving deals in order the keep the client.

Does this sound like something you can relate to? Growing your business means building business muscles and understanding the numbers.  Not just publishing a website and hope the phone will ring off the hook; or standing behind the chair to do haircut and hair color for hours on end!

Growing your salon/spa business requires diligence and the right mental attitude to attract and sustain creative and inspired staff and more importantly attract the right clientele! I bet when you were in hair design school, you couldn’t imagine having a team of busy, well adjusted staff who are happy to be in their dream salon, focusing on up-selling and creating a loyal clientele?  To do this successfully, you must first understand how to measure and benchmark against other businesses so that you can claim your spot at the top; where hairdressers will want to work with and for you and clients will line  up to get into your calendar!



A business course designed to helps salon owners, independent operators understand the foundations of your business and create a strategic plan to accelerate growth and become a leader in your trade.  Don’t be a statistic, victimized by the masses, learn how to differentiate yourself.  This course will give you deep insights into how big businesses succeed and grow profits; and will provide you with tools to do exactly what they do!

  • What is the number one rule that almost all salon business professionals break and how can you can quickly fix it and stop bleeding profits and raise your market value.
  • What are the five Golden rules to creating anything you want in your life no matter how big it is, or how impossible it seems, you can design your life.
  • What is Bill 183 and how can it dramatically affect the way you do business in the salon industry
  • Why having a dream is never enough and how you can literally create a direct map to a massively successful salon business.
  • Learn 3 new operation strategies that will save you money, increase your margins and up your client retention rate.

Being the master of your own salon is more than being a great artist, you must learn to master operations, marketing, money management and human resources. The stuff that was kind of mentioned in passing when you were in hair design school. It was hardly enough to guarantee your success, and you know it!

This 1 day training Salon Profits and Success Principles!  is designed to get you the greatest amount of information in a short period of time with actionable take-a-ways.

Every day is a new day and presents the perfect opportunity for you to set targets for yourself and your business. We want to help you achieve those goals. Our training room facilitates 30 Beauty professionals at a time. So, don’t miss your chance to reserve your seat now before they’re all gone.

Course Cost:   $197

Our Guarantee

When you train with us; we promise to impart upon you success strategies, operating principles and transferable technical skills that will allow you to increase your market value, grow you business and experience a rewarding career.  Our policy is pay and play.  No refunds are issued before the start of the program, however should you attend the session and for any reason you do not feel you got great value, simple request a refund; less 30% administration fee.