Did you know the rules are changing for hairdressers in Ontario?

Licensing for hairstylists has always been compulsory in Ontario and recently the province has passed Bill 183 establishing the College of Trades.

This Trade Council is set to enforce compliance and new fee structure starting April 8, 2013.  Hairdressing is the only service trade which is on the compulsory list, meaning it is compulsory for hairstylists to become members of the College of Trades.

This trade council is made up of trades’ people from around the province to manage themselves holding each person accountable  and provide consumer protection against unskilled trades practitioners.  A public registry so prospective customers can verify that the person has the necessary skills to do the job.

Does this mean that clients can report instances where hairstylists do not have a valid license? 

What will this do to your business and your bottom line?

Salon owners should avoid the penalty of hiring unlicensed hairstylists and encourage those within your organization who are not yet licensed, to quickly take action!

Hair Salon Training Pros is taking an active role to become a conduit for consistent communication to keep you informed of the changing requirements for hairdressers. Our goal is to help you accelerate the learning curve so you can achieve your license very quickly especially for those professionals who already have the working knowledge.

Why is it necessary to be Licensed?

  • As a licensed professional you will have the respect of your peers as a trained professional in hairdressing.
  • You will exhibit a full competence of working skills and knowledge.
  • You will be able to approach each appointment with more confidence and as a result have less unhappy clients.
  • With a full range of technical competence, you will be able shorten your appointment times and earn more money!
  • Schooling provides the proper training without someone else’s ‘bad habits’.
  • As a licensed professional, you will enjoy discounts offered by manufacturers and suppliers.
  • You will conduct business in a professional manner and project the image of a skilled professional
  • Most importantly, you will be able to increase your service rate based on your professional designation.

What will your clients think of you?

  • Clients will trust your guidance regarding incremental services and products you recommend to take care of their hair & scalp.
  • Your clientele will have the confidence in your ability to perform chemical services such as color, perms, relaxers, etc.
  • Clients will be confident of your technical knowledge and will readily recommend others to experience your service.
  • Feel less anxious when they need to get a tedious, technical service done, such as color correction
  • They will have well behaved hair that getting loads of compliments which means more business for you.

What you will learn

  • An overview of the changes to the industry structure and the various governing bodies; so that you are able to quickly and effeciently obtain your Certificate of Qualification.
  • How these changes will impact you and your staff and what you need to do to ensure your salon is fully compliant to avoid any penalties.
  • How will these changes affect your business and when will these changes take effect?
  • What you need to know about the exam to obtain your license for hairdressing and where you should go to write the exam.
  • A full understanding of what are the prerequsites which must be met before you schedule a date for the hairdressing exam.
  • Full Review and thorough understanding of all areas of study to competently sit the hairdressing exam.
  • Practice Mock tests to gain valuable knowledge and learn what you need to do to pass the hairdressing exam.

Who is this Session Suitable for?

  • Hairstylists in training
  • Those hairstylists who are currently apprenticing within the salon environment and have not yet written their professional hairdressing exam
  • Hairstylists who have sat the exam and did not acquire a passing grade
  • Hairstylists who are afraid of writing exams
  • Those nervous and not sure what to expect and what to study for
  • Hairstylists in training who have completed their in-class training and in-salon hours


Do You Need a Refresher program before you attempt Your Exam?

Four Weeks of Unbelievable Training.  Our Refresher program is  designed to give you hands on experience, and to mentor and apprentice on the salon floor.  Your training will include working on mannequins and clients to get real experience.  See the Refresher program guide here


Our Guarantee

When you train with us; we promise to impart upon you success strategies, operating principles and transferable technical skills that will allow you to increase your market value, grow you business and experience a rewarding career.  Our policy is pay and play.  No refunds are issued before the start of the program, however should you attend the session and for any reason you do not feel you got great value, simple request a refund; less 30% administration fee.

Cost for the Ontario Licensing Exam Prep Course is $197; which includes study materials; participants must supply text book.




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Dee Sarwan
Founder, Hair Salon Training Pros
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Course is limited to 15 registrations and is booked on a first come basis.