Would you agree that hairdressers have a language of their own?  That is exactly why Dee Sarwan, Founder of Hair Salon Training Pros is dedicated to helping hairdressers and salon owners with effective educational trainings, seminars and workshops.

Hair school teaches the necessary fundamentals when it comes to cutting and coloring hair.  Most people are not ready to learn business intelligence in hair school.  The fun is in the practical, creative tasks of cutting and coloring.  Learning business management is often said to be  “boring” yet everyday hair salons are going out of business or struggling to break even never mind showing a profit.

Ask yourself, why are so many hair salons struggling when every person needs a haircut?  The business of hairdressing should always be a flourishing enterprise because everyone needs a hairdresser.  What will differentiate you from everyone else?  Why would a client want to be in your appointment book?

Are you up to date with the new www.collegeoftrades.ca organization in Ontario and their mandate to ensure compliance?  It is mandatory for every hairstylist to be a member of the College of Trades, which means every practicing professional must have a valid licence.

To stay ahead of the game, beauty professionals must get themselves in a continuous learning mode.  These trainings and seminars are designed to provide high impact learning, that are effective and practical.

Research has shown that clients will have more respect for hairstylists who are attending regular trainings.  Clients are more likely to send referrals, they value your product suggestions and is more often willing to pay more for your services.  As a designer of hair, you must stay current with the lastest styles and more importantly learn the techniques to achieve the styles!