Are You Being A Genius Hairdresser For Your Salon OR Do You Have A Genius Within?

Why are some people labeled geniuses and others are not?  There are those who exercise the determination and the “right thinking” to do what the rest of the people are not willing to do.  Napoleon Hill says, if you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right!  Your mental attitude will determine your level of life experiences.  How do you explain the fact that some hairdressers are able to charge $1200 for a haircut and others find themselves charging $8?  Some will argue that the salon location is responsible for this variance; I beg to differ.  This is the clear difference of those hairdressers with a solid foundation and confidence in themselves and their talents.  Establishing your price is easy, demonstrating you deserve more is tricky, especially when your clientele is not in full agreement.


Wishing, praying and being positive are all good however your attraction factor is activated when you take action.  Having a dream, without action it’s just wishful thinking!   You must have a dream and aspirations in order to determine what you want to accomplish in your personal and salon business life.  Your dream must accompany a clear mental picture with all the details and trimmings.  Your mental picture or your business vision becomes your compass, guiding you to focus on the end results you want to achieve.  It is imperative to take action and document your goals on paper.  When you are ready to change your results, click here to get a simplified one page strategic plan to use as your template to develop your salon business and personal roadmap.

There are those who strive to have more and know that their quality of life will be much better if they are able to take more to the bank. Yet they live in an illusion that says, I want to have more and earn more but I don’t have to do anymore and I don’t have to have any consideration for anyone else.  What I am discovering is that this destructive mindset is very wide spread in the beauty industry.  In my life experiences, you must invest time, money or talent to in-turn be rewarded; whether the reward is in the form of money or some other desired need; dreaming and striving alone does not provide results.

Are you a Thriver?  You want to be a thriver!  This is the person who has the right mental thinking (big dream); the right level of energy and is certainly willing to take action.  Thrivers are people who are consistently reach outside their comfort zone; and willing to set aside their own priorities for the greater good of others.  They take action and actively engage in planning success strategies so that they have a clear roadmap to achieve their heart’s desires.  Elizabeth Gilbert in her TED Talk: Your Elusive Creative Genius, she talks about the idea of having creative genius rather than being a creative genius.  Having a genius that channels ideas to you so that you can create more, share more and continuously receive more.  Watch her short talk here.


Do you have what it takes to become a genius?  Most people spend time searching outside themselves for the one brilliant idea that’s going to lead them to their genius.  I urge you to spend time doing an internal audit to find where your passion lies.  What is it that you truly enjoy doing and then ask yourself this question:  will other pay me for the thing that is my passion?  In other words can you generate an income from doing the thing that you love to do?  If the answer is no; then it is clearly a hobby not a brilliant business idea.


For example, to become a genius hairdresser for your salon; you must immerse yourself in continuous learning and then be willing to share that learning with others.  Sharing your talents and your secrets will open up channels of opportunity beyond your expectations.  You will be recognized as a champion in your trade and will undoubtedly earn the respect as a leader.

In the spirit of sharing; would you be interesting in learning the secrets to eliminate bleeding foils in the fringe (bangs) area?  The following diagrams shows the direction in which to place your foils so that the client is never experience blotchy or a horizontal lines in the fringe area.

These layout also provide outstanding results in the cases where the client has a widow’s peak or abnormal growth patterns along the hairline in the forehead.

Fringe Highlights

Fringe Highlights

Access the genius within, share your knowledge, talents and practices to open up a pipeline of opportunities for yourself!  You want more opportunities, don’t you?


Guiding Your Creative Mind to Great Results!

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